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To participate in a shuffling, a deposit of 0.12 Ignis is needed (see fees), in addition to the amount of currency or asset being shuffled or if shuffling, the amount of the shuffle must exceed this 0.12 Ignis minimum.

When a shuffling completes successfully, this amount is added to the recipient account balance, to allow it to send outgoing transactions (as it is required that only new, unused accounts are specified as recipients). In case the shuffling fails due to a registered participant failing to participate as required, or intentionally submitting false data, the participant responsible for the shuffle cancellation is penalized by sending this security deposit to the forgers of the shuffle finish block and the previous three blocks. If a shuffling is cancelled because the required number of participants is not met, nobody is penalized and all deposits are refunded. On testnet, the deposit and penalty is only 10 Ignis or 10 Bits.