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Coin Exchange available within the client.
This is the main menu for the Asset Exchange, it is fundamentally organized in two areas.
  • a list with all the coins available.
  • an interface that allows to interact with these coins.
If you own tokens for a coin, it will appear the amount value on the side list.
By selecting a coin, the interface area will automatically display the corresponding information. This includes the amount of coins available ("Total Available"), how divisible is the coin ("Coin Decimals") and the coin name ("Coin Name")
In order to buy a coin, follow these simple steps:
1. select the coin from the list on the left.
2. Amount: define how many coin tokens you are interested in buying.
3. Rate: set how much you are willing to pay. It refers to the cost of a unit of tokens. So, by entering 10, you are willing to pay 10 of your current selected chain tokens per coin token to buy.
4. press buy, it will prompt a pop-up window (see figure below)
5. fee: define the fee, see fees in Create Transaction Request or click on the "Calculate" button, which will automatically calculate current network fee.
6. it will ask you for your passphrase and finally press buy asset.
Confirm Order Buy Coin Exchange.