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Request: Refer to Create Transaction Request for common parameters.

  • requestType is dgsDelivery
  • chain the chain related to the operation
  • purchase is the purchase order ID
  • discountNQT is a discount (in NQT) off the selling price (optional, default is zero)
  • goodsToEncrypt is the product, a text or a hex string to be encrypted (optional if goodsData provided)
  • goodsIsText is false if goodsToEncrypt is a hex string (optional)
  • goodsData is AES-encrypted (using Encrypt To) goodsToEncrypt, up to 1000 bytes long (required only if secretPhrase is omitted)
  • goodsNonce is the unique nonce associated with the encrypted data (required only if secretPhrase is omitted)

Note: If the encrypted goods data is longer than 1000 bytes, use a prunable encrypted message to deliver the goods.