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Now that we know the forging algorithm, there are some considerations we can make:

  • All the parameters except the effective balance are the same for everybody.
  • The hit parameter is static, what changes during the forging process is the target. Every forger has its own target (even though it depends on parameters equal for everybody) and it reflects the forger's stake. Every second that no block gets generated, the target increases until someone's hit, on the network, manages to be smaller than their own target. The consequence is clear: bigger is your stake, higher will be your target (and more rapidly it will grow) making it easier for you to satisfy the condition. On a practical sense, this entails you will get to generate a block more often.
  • TimeSinceLastBlock is the parameter that gives target its increasing nature. The longer it takes to generate a block, higher becomes the target.
  • The situation where multiple forgers satisfy the forging condition at the same time is tangible, the network handles this situation accordingly.