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  • requestType is parsePhasingParams
  • phasingVotingModel is an integer code for the method of approval:
    • -1 for None
    • 0 for Vote By Account
    • 1 for Vote By Account Balance
    • 2 for Vote By Asset Balance
    • 3 for Vote By Currency Balance
    • 4 for By Linked Transactions
    • 5 for By Secret
    • 6 for Composite phasing see Composite phasing
    • 7 for Vote By Property
  • phasingQuorum is the number of "votes" needed for transaction approval (required if phasingVotingModel >= 0, default 0):
    • 0 for voting model -1
    • the number of accounts for model 0
    • total NQT for model 1
    • total QNT for models 2 and 3
    • the number of transactions for model 4
    • 1 for model 5
  • phasingMinBalance is the minimum balance (in NQT or QNT) required for voting (optional, default 0)
  • phasingMinBalanceModel is (required if phasingMinBalance > 0, must match phasingVotingModel when phasingVotingModel = 1, 2 or 3):
    • 1 for chain balance
    • 2 for an asset balance
    • 3 for a currency balance
  • phasingHolding is the asset or currency ID (required if phasingMinBalanceModel = 2 or 3)
  • phasingWhitelisted is the account ID of an account allowed to vote for the transaction; once used, only whitelisted accounts are allowed to vote (optional, may be used up to ten times per API request)
  • phasingHolding is the asset or currency ID (required if phasingMinBalanceModel = 2 or 3)
  • chain the chain related to the operation
  • phasingLinkedTransaction fullHash of the linked transaction in the format chainId:fullHash
  • phasingHashedSecret is the hash of a secret phrase (up to 100 bytes long) required for approval (required only for voting model 5)
  • phasingHashedSecretAlgorithm is the hash function used: 2 for SHA256, 6 for RIPEMD160 and 62 for SHA256 followed by RIPEMD160, according to Get Constants (required for a phasingHashedSecret)

Note: When a balance affects the poll result, the result depends only on the balance (including pending outgoing phased transfers) computed just prior to the finish height.

  • phasingExpression is a boolean expresion that sets the phasing in formatt [a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9]* and operators "&" (AND), "|" (OR), "!" (NOT).
  • phasingSenderPropertySetter is the by-property that sets the phasing condition
  • phasingSenderPropertyName is the by-property property name that sets the phasing condition
  • phasingSenderPropertyValue is the by-property phasing value that sets the condition