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Create a Phased Transaction

To create a phased Send ARDR transaction, first click on Send ARDR at the center top of the Ardor Client. A pop-up entry form appears:

Phasing send ardor basic.png
  • At this point the recipient account ID and the amount of ARDR to send can be entered into the Recipient and Amount fields of the form, respectively.
  • If the Send ARDR button in the lower right of the form is clicked, a transaction is created and immediately submitted to the peer network for inclusion in the blockchain, for a fee of 2 ARDR.
  • To instead make the transaction phased, click on the advanced link in the lower left area of the form to display the phasing related fields:
Phasing send ardor advanced.png
  • To return to the basic Send ARDR form, click on the Basic link in the lower left area of the form.
  • The Referenced Transaction Hash field and the Do Not Broadcast and Note to Self? controls do not relate to Phasing.
  • The Fee field contains the default minimum transaction fee of 2 ARDR. The box to the right with the gavel graphic automatically displays the fee surcharge for phasing, depending on the phasing configuration.
  • The Deadline (Hours) field displays the default 24 hour deadline for inclusion of the transaction into a block.
  • The Phasing Approval Model contains all the approvals models created to be used as phase transactions:
Tooltips approval models.png
  • When adding an approval model row contains nine graphics for selecting the phasing voting model; hovering the cursor over the graphics causes descriptive tooltips to appear. The nine voting models are explained below.