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Vote By Asset Balance

If the fourth graphic is clicked, the following appears:

Phasing vote by asset balance.png
  • Enter into the Asset Quantity field the minimum total quantity of the asset needed to approve the transaction, with each voting account contributing to the total its asset balance (including any outgoing pending phased transfers) just prior to the phasing poll's completion.
  • Enter into the Asset field the asset ID. The name of the asset is instantly displayed in the shaded box to the right to confirm the ID.
  • The fee surcharge is +0.2 ARDR.
  • A Whitelist can be used to restrict voting and to generate Whitelisted Approval Requests. Otherwise, an Asset Approval Request is automatically generated.
  • Voting can be restricted to accounts with a minimum balance of the asset using the Min Balance Type drop-down control.
  • Update the Finish Height field to change the default value.