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By Linked Transactions

If the seventh graphic is clicked, the following appears:

Phasing by linked transactions 2.png
  • Enter the full hash of a transaction that must be in the blockchain at the finish height for the phased transaction to be executed.
  • A transaction already in the blockchain before the acceptance of the phased transaction can be linked, as long as it is not more than 60 days old, or itself a phased transaction. If the transaction is associated with your account, its full hash can be obtained by clicking on its timestamp in the My Transactions screen to open the Transaction Info pop-up window, then clicking on the Transactions Detail tab. Otherwise, the full hash can be obtained using the Ardor API if the transaction ID is known.
  • A transaction not yet in the blockchain can be linked in advance if the transaction is created but not broadcast. The full hash is then available for linking to the phased transaction. The signed transaction bytes can be broadcast later (via the Transaction Operations item of the Settings Menu), before the finish height of the phased transaction, in order to approve it.
  • It is possible to link up to ten transactions via the Ardor API, but currently only one can be linked via this entry form.
  • The fee surcharge is +0.01 ARDR.
  • Update the Finish Height field to change the default value.