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Finish Height

Selection of any voting model causes the Finish Height field and its associated controls to appear:

Phasing finish height.png
  • The leftmost box is the entry field for Finish Height and is initialized to 7000 blocks (approximately a week) into the future. Enter the exact block height at which the phasing poll is to finish.
  • As a convenience, an estimated finish date is displayed to the right of the Finish Height label. This date adjusts automatically whenever the Finish Height field changes.
  • As a convenience, the second shaded box just to the right of the Finish Height field is a control which displays the current block height at the time the pop-up entry form was opened. Clicking on it causes the Finish Height field to change to this value.
  • As a convenience, the third and fourth boxes contain controls labeled - (minus) and + (plus) for decreasing or increasing, respectively, the Finish Height by 500 blocks (approximately half of a day).