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The total “Ardor You Pay” has no minimum, but the maximum is your Ardor balance. Again, the market is volatile, so it is a good idea to set small windows of “Fee Limits” bundling at specific rates so that you don’t get caught off-guard by unanticipated market changes. The next option, “Overpay amount” represents the extra Ardor you are willing to pay per child chain transaction to outcompete other bundlers. At the moment, this is unnecessary so just enter 0. But let’s take a moment to consider when this would make sense: bundlers receive the fees paid in native child chain tokens while spending Ardor — so if the value of a particular child chain token exceeds Ardor, it may become economically in the best interest of bundlers to “overpay” with Ardor in order to be the one that receives the fees paid out in that child chain token. This truly creates a competitive free market around the bundling process.