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For large scale adoption of blockchain technology to occur, users of blockchain based business services need to experience predictable fee structures. If you are playing a game or have a membership of some kind, you probably expect free transactions as part of the experience. Businesses set their fees based on regular reviews of cashflow projections, but the current market leaders like Ethereum do not offer any means of controlling end user fees and day-to-day business transaction expenses. The Ardor ecosystem has a process known as “Bundling” that solves these issues — allowing businesses to provide end users with customized fees as low as 0 while hedging their day-to-day business transaction expenses. By the end of this article, developers and businesses working at exchanges, investment platforms, retail stores or any other membership or subscription-based platform might start to have some exciting ideas on how to replicate their offerings on the blockchain. You can then proceed to learning about more advanced custom bundling options in the bundling features section.