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1. Visit http://localhost:27876/ (or https://localhost:27876/ if you enabled SSL) and log in.
2. Click on more info under the tile showing your balance. (figure 1)
3. A window showing the details regarding your account will appear. Click the Account leasing tab. (figure 2)
4. Click lease your balance to another account.
5. The form allowing you to lease your balance will appear. (figure 3)
Fields to complete
RECIPIENT: address of the account you wish to lease your balance to.
PERIOD: for how long your balance will be leased. Expressed in blocks (1440 blocks is roughly 24h). Between 1440 and 65535. You cannot cancel a leasing once submitted.
FEE: fee you wish to pay. The minimum is 1 ARDR.
SECRET PHRASE: the passphrase of your account.
6. Click Lease Balance.