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Welcome to the advanced guides. This is a series of guides that explain specific question around the Ardor multi chain echosystem. If at any point something is unclear please contact us.

Guides and tutorials

Emulating Multi Signature Accounts on the Blockchain

Advanced guide for emulating Multi Signature accounts using the Ardor platform

Exchange Integration for Ardor

Explanation about how to integrate Ardor into a currency exchange platform

Exchange Integration for Ignis

Explanation about how to integrate the IGNIS token, the token of Ignis, the first child chain of the Ardor blokchain, into a crypto-currency exchange.

How Tx Processing works

Detailed explanation about how the Tx processing works in the Ardor platform.

Migrating From Nxt to Ardor

If you already have a Nxt application, this guide can help you migrating the application which relies on the Nxt APIs to Ardor.

Node JS module

Technical details of the Ardor Wallet JavaScript code configured as a node JS module

Passphrase recovery tool

Tool included in the Ardor installation to attempt the recovery of your real account passphrase based on approximate passphrase you remember.

ERC20 to Ignis

How to implement the ERC20 APIs using the equivalent Ardor and Ignis APIs.

Launch Compliant Security Token Offerings (STO) in Three Steps using Ignis

How to launch a fully compliant Security Token Offering (STO) with an on-Blockchain KYC-AML functionality using the Ignis chain

How to tokenize your farm using Ignis

Use case of Ardor for tokenising a farm with Ignis tokens

Node processes configuration

How to use the Processes feature to persist local configuration of bundlers, funding monitors, standby shufflers, forgers... between node restarts.