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  • timestamp (N) is the time (in seconds since the genesis block) when the alias was created or last transferred
  • aliasName (S) is the name of the alias
  • account (S) is the number of the account that owns the alias
  • accountRS (S) is the Reed-Solomon address of the account that owns the alias
  • aliasURI (S) is what the alias points to, in URI format
  • alias (S) is the alias ID
  • priceNQT (S) is the asking price (in NQT) of the alias if it is for sale
  • buyer (S) is the account number of the buyer if the alias is for sale and a buyer is specified
  • lastBlock (S) is the last block ID on the blockchain (applies if requireBlock is provided but not requireLastBlock)
  • requestProcessingTime (N) is the API request processing time (in millisec)