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  • Shuffling clicking on a shuffling link in the Shuffling column opens a detail pop-up which displays details about the shuffling state and the list of senders and recipients in case the shuffling is complete.
  • Stage displays the current stage of the shuffling process.
  • Holding shows the type of holding used for shuffling asset, currency or child chain tokens (eg: Ignis).
  • Amount is the common amount to shuffle specified in the holding unit.
  • Blocks Remaining is the number of blocks until shuffling is cancelled unless the required information necessary for the shuffling to advance to the next stage is provided.
  • Participants shows the existing number of shuffling registrants and the number of required registrants in order for shuffling processing to begin.
  • Assignee represents account who last updated the shuffling or the account which needs to specify the next piece of data.
  • Status displays 'join' in case the user is still not registered for the shuffling or the shuffler status in case the user has registered.