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When I access my server, I get a black screen and the words "The matrix has you". What is happening?

If you are running Ardor on your local computer AND are accessing it by browsing to (or http://localhost:27876/), you should not get this error. But it will likely appear if you have installed Ardor on a public server, VPS and are trying to access it remotely. For security reasons, the software is distributed under the assumption that the only way you access Ardor is from your local computer. This is the most secure way to use Ardor. If you want to be able to access and log in to your client from elsewhere, and have not edited the configuration files to allow this, you will get the "matrix" message. To remove this, you need to create or edit a configuration file. Under your ardor folder, you will find a conf directory. Inside that directory, create a file called, if it does not already exist, and add this line to the file:

nxt.allowedUserHosts=[YOUR IP ADDRESS]

...where [YOUR IP ADDRESS] is the IP address or hostname from which you'd like to be able to connect. If you are not concerned about security, you can enter * here. Be warned that this means that your server will accept logins from anyone... including hackers and attackers.