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Basic file upload

Ardor DC basic FU.png
Name: This could be any given name. Does not need the correspond with the actual uploaded filename.
Description: Possibility to provide some background; e.g. the reason to add this item to the Data Cloud, it's status and perceived value.
Tags: Supply up tot 5 comma separated tags. Their purpose is to index the data cloud and make it efficiently searchable.
Channel: Each tagged data can now also have a channel field. You can filter the search results by channel, has been added to retrieve tagged data by channel, optionally filtered by account too.
File: Upload button, no restriction of file type or extension. File upload is a mandatory field.
Fee: Free input field in round numbers. Even negative number can be submitted, but will result in an error. The calculate button will calculate the minimum fee for you dependent of the file size you intend to upload.
Passphrase: the passphrase matching the account