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  • requestType is addBundlingRule
  • chain is the child chain related to the operation (eg: 2 for Ignis)
  • minRateNQTPerFXT is the minimum rate in chain NQT per ARDR NQT accepted by the bundler
  • totalFeesLimitFQT is the maximum amount of ARDR NQT to be paid in total by the bundler
  • overpayFQTPerFXT is an additional factor of the Ardor fee to pay in case of competing bundlers (optional)
  • feeCalculatorName is a bundling rule for filtering (optional)
  • filter is a repeated element that represents the filter or filters to be applied (PersonalBundler, PropertyBundler, AssetBundler, CurrencyBundler, PurchaseBundler or QuotaBundler)