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Length (bits) Name Data Definition Cumulative Total (bytes)
8 Type Transaction type, eg. payment/assets/marketplace 1
4 TX Version 1 currently, added attachments and appendages 1.5
4 Subtype Transaction subtype, eg. create bid order with asset type 2
32 Timestamp Current Timestamp where the epoch is the Nxt genesis block 6
16 Deadline Deadline in minutes for the transaction to be processed 8
256 Sender Public Key The 256-bit public key of the person sending the tx 40
64 Recipent/Genesis The recipent of the transaction, genesis for txs without recipient, eg. assets 48
64 Amount NQT Amount to send to the recipient, 1 nxt = 100000000 NQT 56
64 Fee NQT Fee amount, typical fee is 1 nxt/10000000 NQT 64
256 Referenced Transaction Full Hash Full hash for transaction to reference, usually left blank 96
512 Signature Signature of this transaction where this field is zero, signature must be generated by the private key of the earlier stated public key 160
32 Flags Flags for position 1 for arbitrary message, position 2 for encrypted message, position 3 for public key announcement, position 4 for encrypted message to self 164
32 EC Block Height Block height of referenced block for economic clustering 168
64 EC Block ID ID of the block referenced above 176