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Trigger Callback method Description
Trigger transaction
JO processTransaction(TransactionContext context)
Invoked when a trigger transaction is applied by the blockchain i.e. the callback is invoked for phased transactions when confirmed, and for normal transactions once they are included in a block. Special case are transactions phased by hashed secret which are also invoked when included in a block.
Every block
JO processBlock(BlockContext context)
Invoked every block
triggerContractByRequest API call
JO processRequest(RequestContext context) 
throws NxtException
Invoked by calling the triggerContractByRequest API
triggerContractByVoucher API call
JO processVoucher(VoucherContext context)
Invoked by calling the triggerContractByRequest API
Call from another contract
ReturnedData processInvocation(DelegatedContext context,
InvocationData data)
Invoked when another contract calls this contract