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Delete is even simpler, as it only requires your passphrase (mandatory). Once you hit ‘delete my item’ it will be removed from the ‘newest products’ menu option.

My Pending Orders menu

Once a user buys one of your goods, and the order is pending, you will see that buy order under this menu item. Each pending order includes information about the product you are selling:

DGS my pending orders.png
Order Date: the date and time when the buyer placed the order.
Delivery Deadline: the date and time when the order will be automatically cancelled it not delivered.
Price: The price per good, multiply with quantity if you want the total sum.
Quantity: The quantity of products that have been ordered.
Buyer: The address to the buyer, click here to see details of the user’s transactions, assets, etc.
Product Id: The product you are selling.

By clicking ‘Deliver Goods’, you will be shown a pop up window where you should enter details on how your customer can fetch or download the digital good you are selling.