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Quick guides

Buying on the Marketplace

Ok, so you don’t want to read the whole manual just to buy something on the DGS. Here’s a short description with the most essential info on how to do it:

  1. Click the menu ‘Marketplace’ and then ‘Newest Products’, you will now see a list of goods that are for sale.
  2. When you’ve found the product you wish to purchase, click the name and in the pop up, enter quantity, delivery deadline (how long you are willing to wait for seller to deliver until the transaction is cancelled), note (optional) and your passphrase. Double check the price and then hit the purchase button.
  3. The order has now been placed in the “purchased products” menu, and here you can see the order status.
  4. When the seller has delivered the good, it will show as “Order Status: Complete”.
  5. Click the name, and in the pop up window, enter your passphrase and press ‘decypt’ to see the message from the seller.
  6. The message should contain information on where you can fetch your digital good, congratulations!

You now have the option of leaving feedback to the seller (it is private, i.e. only the seller will be able to see it). Press the “give feedback” button, enter your feedback and your passphrase and hit ‘submit feedback’ and you’re all done!