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By clicking on the name, you will be able to purchase the item on the market.

DGS purchase.png

Quantity: The number of items you wish to purchase, mandatory field. When updating the quantity the price will automatically be updated to reflect the total cost.
Delivery Deadline: How long (hours) you are willing to wait before the purchase gets automatically deleted unless the seller has delivered the good, mandatory field.
Note: A free text field, which only the seller will be able to read since it will be encrypted, optional field.
Passphrase: Enter your passphrase, mandatory field.

When you are done with your purchase, the money you’ve paid will be held in escrow by the Ardor blockchain until either the seller has delivered the good and the seller gets the money or the delivery deadline has passed, which will refund the money to you.

Purchased Products menu

This section will show all your previous purchases, including those who are completed and those who are in progress.

DGS purchased products.png
Order Date: Date when you submitted the purchase.
Order status:
  • Tentative, the transaction is unconfirmed (not yet included in a block).
  • Pending, it is included in a block, but the seller has not yet delivered.
  • Complete, the seller has delivered the good.
Delivery Deadline: If the seller has not delivered the good by this date, the purchase will be cancelled (only shown when order status is not complete).
Price: The price you paid for the good(s).
Quantity: The number of items you purchased.
Feedback: Indicates if you sent feedback or not (only shown when order status is complete, and you sent feedback).