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MINIMUM AMOUNT OF TOKENS PER WHOLE UNIT NEEDED TO ACTIVATE CURRENCY: Assuming the currency code COIN, this is the minimum amount of child chain tokens (eg: Ignis) per COIN needed to back the currency. For example, if the reserve supply is set to 1000 COIN and the minimum amount per reserve unit is 0.2, then at least a combined 200 child chain tokens must be pledged by supporters to back the COIN currency before the issuance height. If this minimum requirement is met or exceeded in time, each pledged supporter becomes a founder and receives a portion of the difference between the initial supply and the reserve (now total) supply of the COIN currency. If the minimum is not met in time, the currency will be deleted and all pledged child chain tokens will be unlocked and returned to supporters. If the minimum is met or exceeded, all pledged child chain tokens will either remain locked until claimed if claimable or be transfered to the issuer otherwise.