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  • The currency list is in order of most recently issued currencies.
  • The currency list can be restricted by entering a Code/Name search pattern in the Search Currencies field at the top. The search pattern is case-insensitive and can include the wildcards * and ?.
  • Clicking on a currency code in the Code column opens a detail pop-up window which includes a Currency Distribution link to a list of holders of the currency.
  • Hovering over the symbols in the Type column reveals the Currency Types.
  • The Current Supply is reduced when a reservable currency is claimed or increased when a mintable currency is minted.
  • The Max Supply is the total supply of currency upon issuance for non-mintable currencies or the maximum supply of currency that can be achieved by minting.
  • Clicking on a highlighted button in the Actions column opens the Exchange Booth screen or a pop-up entry form to reserve the currency, when applicable.
  • Clicking on My Currencies in the upper right corner restricts the list to those currencies owned by the logged-in account as shown in the My Currencies Screen.