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  • During the login process, the Ardor/html/wwww/plugins directory is scanned for plugin subdirectories. Each plugin found is checked for validity, compatibility and launch status.
  • A plugin is Valid if it conforms to the standard file structure and content requirements for all plugins.
  • A plugin is compatible with the Ardor Client if its NRS Compatibility has the same major version number. Compatibility is indicated by a green background.
  • The Ardor Client version is displayed in the upper right corner of the Ardor Client Dashboard. The major version is the first two numbers. For example, version 2.1.0e is major version 2.1.
  • If the Ardor Client major version is smaller, the plugin is disabled and the Launch Status is Halted with a red background. The Ardor client should be updated.
  • If the Ardor Client major version is larger, the plugin is enabled but the Launch Status is Running with a gold background, indicating that the plugin should be updated.