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  • requestType is getPollResult
  • chain the chain related to the operation (eg: IGNIS)
  • poll is the poll ID
  • votingModel (optional, default null)
  • holding (optional, default null)
  • minBalance (optional, default 0)
  • minBalanceModel (required if minBalance > 0, must match votingModel when votingModel > 0)
  • requireBlock is the block ID of a block that must be present in the blockchain during execution (optional)
  • requireLastBlock is the block ID of a block that must be last in the blockchain during execution (optional)

Note: The votingModel, holding, minBalance and minBalanceModel parameters are optional and default to the original values specified when the poll was created (refer to Create Poll). The original values can only be overridden while the votes are still stored in the database, until 1441 blocks after the poll is completed. If votingModel is specified, holding, minBalance and minBalanceModel or the defaults specified above apply, otherwise they are ignored.