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  1. Download the Windows installer for the latest official Ardor Client 2.2.5 from If you want to test our newest features, such as lightweight contracts, you must select the testnet option during the installation process.
  2. Ardor's Windows client comes as an .exe file. After downloading it, you can verify its integrity by performing an integrity check
  3. Run the installer and follow the instructions on screen. Note that you can select either the testnet or mainnet during installation, if further details are needed please follow the step-by-step guide. Once installed icons will be created by default in your desktop and Start Menu.
  4. You can now run the Ardor software by clicking on the Ardor icon. After a few seconds, the Ardor wallet will open in its own window.
  5. If you already have created a Ardor account, click in 'Returning User' to introduce your passphrase. If you need to create your Ardor account, click here for instructions to Create a New Ardor Account.