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Account properties gives Ardor users the ability to permanently ‘tag’ any Ardor account with a small amount of data. These properties tags can be used to provide meta-information about an account: for example

  • A seller can tag buyer accounts that he has sold to in the past.
  • An exchange can tag already identified user accounts for providing KYC and AML features

These properties are also used by the Account Monitor feature and for the By-property phasing

How to set an account property

1. Visit http://localhost:27876/ (or https://localhost:27876/ if you enabled SSL) and log in.
2. Click on Account Properties under "Dashboard" in the left sidebar:
Figure 1
3. A window showing the current Account Properties for your account will appear. Click the 'Set' tab in the top right:
Figure 2
4. A form allowing you to set an Account Property will appear. From here you can specify the account you want to set the property on, the name of the property, and the value for that property:
Figure 3