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Changelly is a market-making service that utilizes crypto exchanges to provide a seamless exchange of crypto tokens without user registration.

Starting from Ardor version 2.1.2 the Ardor wallet integrates the changelly service to enable Ardor and Ignis to exchange with any other crypto directly from the wallet.

Using the changelly API service

The service provides two main functions

1. Exchange to/from another crypto - this service is available from the exchanges page (See arrows icon at the top bar of the wallet).

2. Fund a new account by exchanging Bitcoin to either Ardor or Ignis. This function is accessible from the dashboard when creating a new account. At the moment, this exchange transaction will not announce the account public key to the network.

The user interface should be self-explanatory.

Warnings, Notices and Limitations

Changelly is a 3rd party service provider which is not associated with Ardor in any way. We are not liable for any problem encountered with the service.

The Ardor wallet changelly page connects directly from the browser to the changelly APIs. Therefore any action you perform is visible to changelly and any information you receive is provided by changelly as is. Of course, your account passphrase is never submitted to changelly.

Always note the minimum deposit amount provided by changelly before performing an exchange. Sending a value lower than the minimum will likely result in lost funds.

While changelly does not provide a maximum deposit amount, exchanging a large amount through this service is likely to provide a less than optimal exchange rate. The changelly service relies on other crypto exchanges and if there is no liquidity on the exchanges, changelly may use a very unfavorable exchange rate. Therefore use your best judgment and consider not using this service to exchange large amounts.

Changelly transactions do not correspond 1:1 to Ardor transactions. Therefore when performing an exchange, you may see several changelly transactions listed in the "My Exchanges" table while only one of them shows the real exchange. This is normal. You may delete the extra transactions once the exchange is performed.

In case you need to approach the changelly customer support always specify the changelly transaction id which is listed in the id column of the "My Exchanges" table.

The changelly page, when displayed in the wallet, is refreshed every 60 seconds, some delays during refresh are normal, simply wait for the page to fully reload. Transaction timeouts may happen at any moment. When they do happen, simply start over the exchange operation or continue from where you left off.

When exchanging from Ardor/Ignis to another crypto, you have to specify a transaction fee denominated in Ardor/Ignis correspondingly. The wallet cannot calculate this fee automatically, therefore use your best judgment. In case this is your first exchange, changelly will provide a fresh deposit address, therefore your transaction will need to cover the 1 ARDR fee to create this new account, which means, your Ardor fee should be 1.01 ARDR and your Ignis fee should cover 1.01 ARDR based on the current bundling rate. Subsequent exchanges from the same wallet should use the same changelly deposit address so only needs to cover the 0.01 ARDR transaction fee.

Changelly charges a small exchange fee composed of several elements, you can view the complete details in the "View Changelly Transaction" dialog reachable by clicking the changelly transaction id in the "My Exchanges" table.